Huge List of free VPS/places where you can host your web for free

1. Vercel give you loads of hosting for free as well with no credit card required and if you choose to use a custom domain they won’t charge you. Also, SSL is included.
2. Oracle gives you 2 AMD VM with 1 core and 1 GB of RAM each, plus up to four ARM VM with a total of 4 cores and 24 GB of RAM (so you can have 2 VM with 2 cores each or 1 VM with 4 cores), forever.
3. Google cloud has a pretty generous permanent free tier, including an f1-micro VM and 50 cpu-hours a month on Cloud Run (which only bills when a request is progressing).
4. if you don’t need a 24/7 VPS (or persistent storage), I have a website ( that can be useful. It’s easy to set up (1-click), you can add a startup script (so you can download, unzip, and test your code quickly), you can type commands in your browser (you can use SSH as well) and it’s free (supported by ads). VPS have 2vCPU (Intel Xeon), 2GB RAM. You can use them for 3 hours each.
5. AWS – you get 1 year of free EC2 server
6. Heroku – lifetime free for 1 app. It is not exactly a full fledged server but rather a hosting place for your code.
7. Azure. Free hosting for shared tier web sites and you could use Azure Devops for CI/CD, source control and bug tracking. They even have OSS (public projects) option. Azure Devops gives 5 free user licenses and 1800 CI/CD pipeline minutes a month.
8. netlify

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